Over 8 Years of Training and Boarding!


I have been a lifelong pet and animal enthusiast.


My training technique allows your pup to feel comfortable with me as their trainer!

Britney Lippke


As a lifelong pet and animal enthusiast, some kind of work with animals seemed like an obvious choice for me. After training my first service dog (who would later become the namesake for my training business) I recognized a gift and realized dog training is the career I wanted to follow. As I have now been training for 8 years and been the owner and head trainer for Koba’s Four Paws Institute for 5, I can confidently say I made the right choice.

I love the happiness and joy that dogs bring to their owners, and seeing them succeed in their training only adds to my love of this job! Observing the improvement in a client’s quality of life as their service dog assists them to regain their independence is like watching a miracle take place before my eyes. When I work with your pup, I want them to succeed as much as you do, maybe even more! I look forward to working with more and more dogs and owners to help improve their pups behavior and lives.