Koba’s Four Paws Institute provides in-depth dog training in the Houston, Conroe, Huntsville and surrounding areas. Using primarily positive reinforcement methods, your puppy or dog will become confident, successful, and a perfect addition to your family. KFPI’s goal is to help your dog succeed. Offering Basic Obedience programs, Service dog training and Behavioral modification.

Board and train

Board and train is where your pup comes and stays with us for three weeks to learn all basic commands IE: Sit, Down, Come, Place, No, Wait, Heel, Loose Leash Walking, Focus, and basic house manners on or off leash. It’s a faster process than our private lessons. Our off leash program is all commands taught on leash first and then transferred to a distance. Our trainers work multiple sessions a day, and they are around different dogs daily for exposure.


Three Week Board and Train – $2,000 (on leash)

Three Week Board and Train -$2,500 (off leash)

Behavior modification: We are now offering behavior modification for dogs that are a bite risk, have a live bite history, have severe separation anxiety or anxiety in general and any bad behaviors you think are a risk. Please reach out for more information on this


You will also always receive photo and video updates of your dog while they are in my care and always have access to call with any questions you may have. If you have any other questions about what my Board and Train program offers or how to get started, feel free to call!


Day Training

Day training is where most of the foundation work is done. You will drop your pup off at KFPI or your trainer will pick up and drop off. Your dog will spend the day with your trainer and work on your pups specific needs and your specific goals for them.  Depending on your dog’s needs and requests, your trainer may take your dog out to different parks, bars or other outdoor seated areas to teach them expectations in real world scenarios. Because dogs struggle with generalizing behavior, we want to practice with dogs in all environments!

Most owners choose to book day training sessions daily. For every 5 sessions purchased, 1 complimentary private lesson is included so your trainer can teach you how to maintain the behaviors taught after the training sessions have ended. Daily report cards detailing the dog’s behavior and the activities completed are emailed at end of the day.

Single Day- $80 if you drop off, $100 if we pick up/drop off

20 day package-$1,600 if you drop off, $2,000 if we pickup/drop off

Complimentary private lesson with every 5 days booked


Basic Obedience Programs


Single sessions

Single sessions are for those who only have some specific things they would like to work on rather than needing a program


Shark puppies –

A short 4 lesson package to cover your basic obedience commands 




Baby Dane's Beginners

The Baby Dane’s Beginners basic obedience dog training program is designed for pet owners seeking no-frills dog training. This program will give your dog all essential commands to be a well-mannered part of your family, inside the home, and out. Each session is a one-hour long training session. You and your dog will be taught these commands over the program course.

It also includes 12 sessions, 3 refresher sessions and discounted singles:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Focus-Focusing on the owner to help keep the dogs attention on them instead of something distracting it also helps get your pups attention so you can continue working on commands.
  • Loose leash walking
  • Heel
  • Place (go to your bed/blanket)
  • Crate Training (crates are a safe place)
  • Potty Training (basic education)
  • Preventing Jumping
  • Handling Exercises (learning how to remain calm when being touched)

Aspiring Aspens

Aspiring Aspens is an intermediate/advanced dog training program with a more detailed approach to dog training which includes all the commands of the Baby Dane’s Beginners program, while also including more advanced commands that are useful in various situations. In each hour-long session, you and your dog will learn these commands to master. 

It includes 20 sessions, 7 refresher sessions and discounted singles:

  • Load in vehicle
  • Boundary training (running away)
  • Door manners (running out the door, jumping, barking)
  • How to greet people/dogs at home and in social situations
  • Working through resource guarding (toy guarding, food guarding)
  • Muzzle training
  • Stand- Going from a down/sitting position to a standing position
  • Drop it
  • All commands included in Baby Dane’s Beginners

Koba's Scouts

Koba’s scouts is the most in depth training program KFPI offers.


 It includes 30 sessions and lifetime refreshers 

  • Koba’s scouts is the most in depth training program KFPI offers. It includes life time refreshers
  • Working in High distraction places IE: Pet stores, Pet friendly stores, Parks
  • Retrieval of items( Fetch/ More advanced fetch as well)
  • Tricks of owners choosing
  • CGC testing and prep
  • Everything included in Aspiring Aspens program

We serve
with our heart

Two-Year Service Dog Training Program

It takes approximately two years from start to finish to fully train a working service dog. “Koba’s Kubs” is a two-year training program for potential service dogs that includes all basic and advanced obedience training, task training, public access training, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing, access to work along side other service dog teams, and their very first starter vest! We take great pride in our SDiT’s and fully trained Working Service Dogs and will be there with you every step of the way, from puppy temperament testing to the completion of the Canine Good Citizen Exam. Koba’s Four Paws Institute has you, and your pup, covered with all service dog training to accommodate the specific needs of you or your loved one.

Some of the available tasks include:

  • Picking up, taking, and holding items
  • Medication (or various item) Retrieval
  • Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)
  • Medication Reminder
  • Blocking/Covering
  • Brace Work
  • Diabetic Alert/Response
  • Mobility Assistance

There are many more tasks and benefits service dogs can offer to help mitigate their handlers specific disability or need. Several types of service dogs include: Psychiatric (PTSD, debilitating depression, anxiety, etc), medical alert/response, seizure alert/response, diabetic alert dogs, mobility and so many more that help improve their handlers quality of life. If you are in need of or think you could benefit from a service dog, send me a message! I’m more than happy to help you.

In “Koba’s Kubs” Service Dog program we can assist you anywhere from finding a breed and breeder that would be the best fit for your needs, to temperament testing and evaluating your current pet to see if they’re fit for service work. If you already have a breeder you’d like to work with, we can do a temperament test with the litters. If you do not have a breeder or puppy picked out, we can work with you in finding reputable breeders and getting the right dog for you. We can temperament test shelter dogs as well to ensure we have the absolute best fit to assist you and fulfil your needs.