Dog Boarding

Do you ever want to go on vacation but are unsure what to do about your dog? Do you ask a neighbor? Hire a sitter? Board them? We are now offering boarding services at Koba’s Four Paws Institute. You will get photo and video updates of your pup during their stay via email, along with daily updates on how he/she is doing while in my care, and more!

During boarding your dog will be running free in a home environment with friendly dogs and people alike, to give them the most stress-free experience while you’re away. I am compliant with medication, exercise, and feeding schedules at your instruction.


New Clients

$50 per night

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with our heart

DISCLAIMER: Your dog  MUST  be dog friendly to qualify for both boarding and the “Board and Train” program as there are multiple dogs in the home at all times! Separating is possible, but it is much easier to be able to have them all together to play and socialize. If you have a pet aggressive dog you’d like me to work with, contact me for private training sessions to help find the source of their aggression and desensitize them to their triggers.

It is preferred that your dog be kennel trained prior to their Boarding or Board and Train stay. If they are not, that is okay! We can help with kennel training as well. Please provide a kennel that is safe and comfortable for your dog, so we can begin training!

Your dog will get plenty of love, attention, and play time during their stay, and we will make sure they have a “pawsitive” time here at Koba’s Four Paws Institute!

To ensure your dog has a safe experience during their stay, we will need a list of food allergies as well as things you feel could be potentially dangerous to your pet, such as certain treats, specific toys, etc.

You will sign a contract with emergency contacts and veterinary information, so we can properly care for your dog in case of emergency, as well as check off a list of items you brought with your pup so that we can keep up with all items and be certain no items get lost or mixed in with the resident toys!

Boarding & Training

In home Board and Train is either flexible where I work strictly on the goals you would like to meet or with a set list of commands on leash or even off leash. I work multiple short sessions each day with your dog around multiple others to work with distractions and their focus on commands, even with other dogs around trying to play.


Three Week Board and Train – $1,800 (on leash)

Three Week Board and Train -$2,500 (off leash)

Behavior modification: We are now offering behavior modification for dogs that are a bite risk, have a live bite history, have severe separation anxiety or anxiety in general and any bad behaviors you think are a risk. Please reach out for more information on this


You will also always receive photo and video updates of your dog while they are in my care and always have access to call with any questions you may have. If you have any other questions about what my Board and Train program offers or how to get started, feel free to call!